Our Vision, Mission and Values.

We are Rent 'n' Let otherwise known lovingly as R 'n' L. We believe there is a better way to do all things lettings – a more efficient and effective way which has led us on a journey to streamline and integrate all the processes in one online lettings experience! We can control the whole experience which leads to an amazing user experience for our users and partners.

Innovation and automation is central to the features and services we continue to provide. We aim to become the leaders in leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, bringing new partners on board and releasing new API’s to continuously improve our offering – A Kaizen approach inspired by Toyota. This is what drives us! We believe in providing THE platform for all things lettings and THE platform designed on principles of Security, Simplicity, Community and Empowerment of our users. We are pretty sure by using our website you figured that out but we think it is worth repeating. We will be known as the go-to platform at any point of the lettings journey – from advertising and marketing, tenancy creation, tenancy management to property management and much much more. Our reach is becoming global and our increasing user base of tenants, property managers, trades & service providers are seeing real value – so when you think of anything lettings, think Rent 'n' Let or R’n’L as we’re lovingly known!

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Our targets for this Year!


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Rent 'n' Let Vision

We aspire to become the world’s leading tech driven online lettings platform, considered first by tenants, property managers and others interested in the lettings market.

Rent 'n' Let Mission

We are committed to providing tenants, property managers, trades & service providers the most efficient and effective solution to the complete lettings life cycle through innovations in our web service, superiority in our customer service, honesty in our dealings, and raising the expectations of everyone we serve.

Our Values

We want to be an extraordinary company; extraordinary in everything we do from the way we deliver our services to the way we grow our business. In our pursuit to being extraordinary we have 9 Core Values that define us. These are:

  1. 1. Know our Users

    We work very hard to get to know our users and the people we deal with. We go to extraordinary lengths in understanding them and their needs so we can anticipate what they want. So whether its tenants looking to let, property managers providing a let or deal providers interested in dealing with our large and growing user base we know about the things that matter to them. This deep know-how of our users and partners has led us to develop the most innovative and flexible online lettings platform in what we believe the world today!

    We are serious about our users and value building strong relationships; after all a significant part of our business model depends on having thriving and mutually beneficial relationships with property managers, trades, deal providers and others. So our users can expect us to see them as our partners – making it as easy as possible in not just finding their perfect property or finding their perfect tenant but also managing that tenancy. We understand the challenges our users face, we care and we really do get it!

    And that's not all – we value feedback and we actively seek it from all our users to help us tailor our services and want everyone from our employees to our users to contribute to help us understand how we can continuously improve!

  2. 2. Deliver Extraordinary Customer Service

    We are not an average company, our platform is not average, the way we do things is not average and our service is certainly not average. Regardless of the service our customers use us for; we want to WOW them so we have made it our mission to deliver an unrivalled service over and beyond their expectations. We have set out to change the way the lettings market operates and at the forefront of this mission is providing a superior service through a unique and innovative online lettings platform supported by a dedicated and customer focused team that aims to satisfy and delight all of our users.

    We demonstrate our commitment to this cause daily by continuously looking to improve the way we communicate with our user base, engage with them, build strong relationships with them and just as importantly improve our offering!

  3. 3. Drive Continuous Improvement and Innovation

    We know our competitive advantage comes from embracing continuous improvement and innovation which is inherent in our culture. We promote and reward collaboration and sharing of ideas across our business.

    We want to be a company that is known for innovation in the service we provide, in the features we introduce, in the way we communicate and satisfy our users. For us being good is not good enough. We want our company and our employees to be known as being great, awesome, the best in what we do. To achieve this we know we have to differentiate ourselves, be a little unconventional sometimes and chase perfection in all we do.

    We are the only company to come up with such a unique online lettings platform with an unrivalled number of innovative features and services, pioneering features such as the deals centre with tailored and dedicated deals and a growing number of deal providers.

    Through new and innovative ways we provide services and features to help all our users seamlessly control their lettings experience at any point of their lettings journey. But we go further – we actively seek innovative ways exploit opportunities in improving our services and in eliminating many of the problems tenants and property managers face in initiating, managing and closing tenancies. Hey and if our customers can help us in this then that's great – we welcome suggestions and reward them for it!

  4. 4. Deliver Superior Value

    To us value is not what we perceive it to be but it's what our users perceive as being valuable that's why for us getting to know who are users are and understanding their needs is really important.

    We know our users are from a wide range of profiles and value different things so we need to be proactive in fulfilling what they want. For example a rapidly growing number of registered student users led us to plan a dedicated student zone on our website guided by a strong team of University academic staff with decades of active service in supporting students and understanding their needs and concerns especially when it comes to renting.

    We leverage the power of global insight, our relationships with our partners in the lettings market and engage our users and employees to systematically analyse the lettings cycle from advertising and marketing, tenancy creation, tenancy management and property management. This helps us make the experience of using our online lettings platform incredibly easy, cost effective, safe, empowered and provides our users with the feeling they are well informed giving them the best opportunity to make a decision that's best for them and their needs at any point of their lettings journey.

    After all we know that by doing so we turn our users into advocates for our business and part of the larger Rent 'n' Let community. We have even introduced a rewards system for all our property managers and deal providers!

  5. 5. Be Honest in all we do

    Our reputation in providing a trustworthy and safe online lettings platform is something we are proud of. Honesty, clarity, trustworthiness were all key factors we considered when designing our business from the ground up and these are engrained in our culture. We want our employees to be open and honest with all our users and want to foster an environment through our online lettings platform that relays trust, transparency and confidence. All our employees comply with our own dedicated Business Ethics Policy and all local rules and regulations.

  6. 6. Embrace our Global Reach

    Before we go global we will start out in the UK. We want to be considered first globally by all of our potential tenant users looking to move to the UK whether they are migrants looking to settle, students coming to study in UK’s world renowned education system or professionals sent on business. We know very well the challenges and hurdles they face – and our aim is to make the property search for them as easy and effective as possible. We constantly challenge ourselves to improve the value proposition to this global customer base. What's more we have exciting new plans to leverage our global partners in this cause. Watch this space!

  7. 7. Be Determined and Passionate to Achieve

    We have a vision and we have a mission and we are absolutely determined and passionate to achieve this! We believed in our business from the day we started building it from the ground up and we know what we need to do and where we want to go!

    All our employees work towards our vision and it's so exciting to see their enthusiasm and excitement knowing this is having a positive impact on our users. We really value this passion, determination and a never say 'no, that will never work' attitude.

    We know this passion and determination will help us rise above and keep on rising to be the biggest, best and most innovative online lettings platform!

  8. 8. Foster Respect

    We value the diversity and unique contributions of all our employees and partners that share our vision to where we want to take our company. We encourage new ideas and approaches, fostering a trusting and open environment in our company. We demonstrate respect for individuals, be they our customers or our employees. In the way we serve our customers, we have set high ethical standards inspiring trust and transparency which are also translated in the features and services we provide on our online lettings platform.

  9. 9. Grow the Rent 'n' Let Community through Loyalty, Education & Co-operation

    People are seeing the value of our service. We have a rapidly growing community of registered tenants, property managers, deal providers, trades & service providers amongst others and we want this rapid growth to continue. We actively reward our user base and employees who support us in growing our community.

    We also know we can generate greater loyalty and appreciation through awareness and education about relevant news and events that matter to them. We want to empower our employees and every one of our users that use our service with everything they need to know that about lettings in general, lettings in a particular area, and go even more specific such as lettings around a particular University for example!

Signed with love:
Rent ‘n’ Let